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Council Members

Committee Members and Officers

Here is a list of the BSSVD officers.

These people help the BSSVD deliver their service to you, please keep all contact form this website relevant to BSSVD.

For more information on the roles of our officers please follow the appropriate links at the bottom of the page.

PresidentRe-elected Spring 2016

Dr Jennifer Yell 

Department of Dermatology

Hope Hospital


Chairman - Appointed Spring 2016

Dr. Susan Cooper

Department of Dermatology

Churchill Hospital



0X3 7LJ

SecretaryAppointed Spring 2016

Dr Christine M Bates

Consultant Physician

Liverpool Centre for Sexual Health 

Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Prescott Street,


L7 8XP


Assistant Secretary - Appointed Spring 2016

Miss Eman Toeima

Post CCT Speciality Doctor in Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Colchester Hospital

Turner Road


Treasurer - Appointed Spring 2016

Dr Ursula Winters

Consultant Gynaecologist

St Mary's Hospital

Oxford Road,


M13 9WL 

Website - Appointed Spring 2016

Abigail Kingston 

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Salisbury. SP2 8BJ

Council Members


Rosalind Simpson - Appointed Spring 2014

(Doctor in training)

Hazel Bell - Re-elected Spring 2016

Ruth Murphy - Re-elected 2016

Isabelle Hay - Elected Spring 2016

Claire Bailey - Elected Spring 2016

Daisy Nirmal - Elected 2016

Dimitrios Papoutsis - Elected 2016

Antony Hollingworth - Elected 2016

Elizabeth Venner  - Re-elected Spring 2016

Julia Palmer - Appointed Spring 2014


Victoria Swale - Elected 2016

Patient Representative

Dawn Newnham - Appointed Spring 2014

Marion Dixon - Appointed Autumn 2014


Membership of the BSSVD Guideline Group

Debashi Mandal (Chair)
Deepa Bansal 

Micheline Byrne

Suha Deen

G Kirtschig 
David Nunns

BSSVD Standards Committee

Julia Palmer, Gynaecology (Chair)

Jennifer Byrom, Gynaecology

Rachel Challenor, GU Medicine

Suha Deen, Pathology

Cathy Green, Dermatology
Kate London, Dermatology
Debashi Mandal, GU Medicine 

Membership of the BSSVD Education & Training Group

David Nunns (Chair)

Christine Bates - Gynaecology

Elizabeth Carlin, GU Medicine

Sue Cooper, Dermatology

Suha Deen, Pathology

Imali Fernando, GU Medicine

Foo Seow Hoong, Dermatology

Karen Gibbon, Dermatology

Cathy Green, Dermatology

Tony Hollingworth, Gynaecology

Debashi Mandal, GU Medicine

Ruth Murphy, Dermatology
Caroline Owen, Dermatology

Eman Toeima, Dermatology

Victoria Swale, Dermatology

Marion Dixon (patient representative)

Jyoti Dhar

Andy Watson



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