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  • 16th October 2016      

    The New e-bulletin can be viewed at the Newsletter page

  • The 2017 BSSVD Meeting is in Sheffield and will be held over one day.  Registration can now be made at the Meetings page

  • BSSVD Presidential Essay Prize. Open to all Medical students and foundation doctors in the first 2 years out of medical school.  Details to be found on the

    Research & Essays Page

  • New training Flashcards can be viewed at the Online Training Resource page

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The BSSVD supports research into vulval disease and gives small grants when funds allow. Applicants must be members of the BSSVD at the time of application and for the lifetime of any grant awarded. Applications are considered twice yearly but please send applications to the BSSVD secretary. (Please see links below) 

Travel bursaries are also available for trainees and nurses wishing to attend meetings. Please see below for more information and for the application form. 

There is also a visiting fellowship award for members of the BSSVD wishing to extend their knowledge by visiting a centre of expertise. Please see below for more information on the scheme and for the application form


For further information or advice please email the Honorary Secretary Dr Christine Bates at

BSSVD Presidential Essay Prize

Open to medical students and foundation doctors in the first 2 years out of medical school.

An annual award is made to the most outstanding essay submitted to this society.

The tital of the essay is announced at the BSSVD Annual Meeting held in March each year.  The winner of the previous year is announced at the Annual meeting.

Closing dates for entries is Midnight on 1st July 2017.


Title for 2016/2017:   Vulvar Pruritus

Maximum length:  1000 words

Maximum No of references: 10

All essays to be submitted electronically only and to

The winner will receive a £200 prize from the society along with the opportunity to have their essay published in the BSSVD newsletter