Copies of our most popular training handouts and Sheffield tools are available for you to download below:


DASH Risk Assessment Tool & MARAC Referral Form

This is the South Yorkshire version of the national ACPO DASH tool, for use by all agencies - it is a Word file so that you can complete it electronically. Note that this tool is updated occassionally - the most recent version is always on the DACT website:

VIDA's training in Risk Assessment, MARAC & Referral Pathways equips practitioners to use the evidence based tool, and their professional judgement, to identify risk factors and establish the level of risk: high, medium or standard. Where cases are assessed as high risk of serious harm, in consultation with managers and MARAC reps, the final part of the tool becomes the MARAC Referral Form to be sent to the Sheffield MARAC Administrator and the IDVA Service.


Risk Factors & Definitions

A handy visual summary that VIDA produced to illustrate the key risk factors associated with domestic abuse, and a list definitions for some of the commonly used language in risk assessment, including high, medium and standard risk.


Safety Planning Tips & Template [individually below]

VIDA training usually includes a slot on safety planning, as a very practical way of engaging service users in planning for times of danger, rather than have to react in a crisis situation, when it can be difficult to think clearly and make safe choices. We have created this sheet for anyone to use, for themselves or with others: the Tips make suggestions for safety planning for adults and their children, while still living with the perpetrator and after separation [which can be the most risky time]. The Template provides a useful sheet that those affected by domestic abuse can complete - it may not be safe to take this home, so some people memorise the details and leave their safety plan with a trusted supporter.


Summary Guide for High Risk Referrals

VIDA have created this 4-page summary of important information from the Sheffield MARAC Operating Protocol, to help guide high risk referrals to MARAC and IDVAS - the full Protocol is available to download from the DACT website: 


Sheffield DA Pathway

The agreed pathway to specialist domestic and sexual abuse services and responses for Sheffield, created by Sheffield DACT