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Sheffield WAVES

Purpose of the Group:

Sheffield WAVES is a women's voluntary sector forum working to end violence against women and their children. The member organisations come together to work collaboratively, with a feminist ethos, to share resources and information and form a strong voice in planning and strategic work to tackle domestic and sexual abuse, rape and other forms of male violence, or gender based violence (i.e. violence and abuse which targets women and girls, or happens disproportionately to them).

Members include:

  • Ashiana
  • Haven House Project
  • Sheffield Area Refuge & Support
  • Sheffield Domestic Abuse Outreach Service
  • Sheffield Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre
  • Sheffield Women's Counselling & Therapy Service
  • Sheffield Working Women's Opportunities Project
  • VIDA Sheffield
  • Young Women's Housing Project

Making Waves Conference: 25th November 2010

WAVES Conference - speakers, delegates and candlelight vigil
To celebrate the International Day to End Violence Against Women, WAVES organised a conference with inspiring speakers on: sexual commercial exploitation, girls affected by gang violence, whole school approach to domestic abuse, and the challenges facing specialist services for women from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugee communities. We had a fantastic day at Centre in the Park, with great attendance (despite the threatened snow) and shared ideas ending in a candle-lit vigil. Thanks to all the speakers, facilitators and participants, who made it such a success.